Getting The Most From Your Beauty Products: Tip No. 3 – Maximize Your Pout With Multipurpose Products

Shop For Beauty Without Throwing Your Money Away: Part Three When shopping for new make-up and hair and beauty products I try to make sure I get the most out of my purchase by first analysing whether: a) the actual product itself can either be used on at least 2 out of the three areas of ‘face, body and hair’ b) or if it can only be used on one area (i.e. face) then it needs to have at least two or three different functions, for example, sun protection, colour and anti-ageing benefits. The lips are a good example of this, prep them once a week before applying make-up with this Inexpensive DIY Natural Lip Scrub to help Brighten, Lighten & Soften Lips for a simple way to soothe and brighten rough, pigmented lips.

Love Lips Lip Gloss in honey-beige nude shade 'Hello Lover'

 Love Lips Anti-Ageing Balm Gloss in honey-rose beige nude shade ‘Hello Lover’ with a touch of Nuxe Huile D’or on top for a wash of gold shimmer.

Lips need colour as well as love and care, and with a wonderfully multi-tasking coloured lip balm such as Love Lips™ Anti-Ageing Pheromone Balm Gloss (£22.00) from The Powder Lounge, I’m able to simultaneously sort out any dryness on my lips (even the really flaky, sore dryness from when I’ve been out in the wind  and cold or from the heat of the sun on holiday, as well as from the super-aircon on the plane during flights) and add a pop of smooth looking colour as well as look after my lips all at the same time. It has a balmy texture and shiny finish that really feels like it’s drenching my lips with moisture (the best thing about it is that this well-moisturized feel lasts fr hours). It’s nourishing Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, Shea Butter and anti-ageing Peptides and Ceramides protect my lips from ageing and seem to smooth out any lines along the lip-edge, at the same time it plumps my lips instantly; (it can actually plump up lips by up to 40% in 29 days if applied 3 times a day).

Love Lips Anti-Ageing Plumping Pheromone Lipgloss

Love Lips Anti-Ageing Plumping Pheromone Lipgloss

The other great thing about this product is the fresh minty flavour and mood-lifting pheromone it contains, (I feel like I’m walking around with freshly brushed teeth for the whole day when I wear this). The mint extract gives an instant lip-plumping action so when I wear the brighter colour, it let’s me rock a super-shiny on-trend colour and take care of my lips nicely, all with one make-up item.

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