What’s In My Handbag: Beauty On-The Go

Handbag Must-Haves: Beauty On-The Go

Here’s my beauty insider’s guide to what I’ve found really works when I’m on-the-go and out and about to look and feel my best. These are the must-have products that are always found living in my handbag!

What's In My Handbag: Beauty Essentials When i'm On-The-Go.

What’s In My Handbag: Beauty Essentials When i’m On-The-Go.

  1. Nuxe Huile D’or (Shimmering Dry Oil) – Gives my hair and skin a glamorous healthy glow. Used it anywhere where I want to add a subtle, glossy shimmer. Really nourishing and deliciously perfumed. Excellent for nights out to quickly tame my hair. I also apply a little to cheekbones, shoulders and legs to add a sexy gleam.
  2. Cavalli Sunglasses – A must-have to protect my eyes, and they also match with anything I wear!
  3. Love Lips™ Anti-Ageing Plumping Pheromone Balm Gloss  – in shade ‘Hello Lover’ (The Powder Lounge): Definitely my secret weapon. This nude coloured gloss is actually a treatment balm and it keeps my lips beautifully plumped up, polished and nourished. It’s got that little added extra…a secret pheromone to entice everyone and create a mood boost. A real multi-tasker in a beautiful neutral go-anywhere shade; the actives in this gloss-balm work hard to keep my lips feeling and looking their best – Maxi-Lip, Ceramides, Peppermint and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil work to make my lips look super-plump.
  4. iPhone 5 – I can’t live without this! It’s my camera, diary, games console (Angry Birds, of course) and hotline to the world!
  5. Bulgari Pour Femme Eau De Parfum – I love this beautifully sheer ‘skin-scent’, and can wear it for all occasions.
  6. Sony Vaio Laptop – This is my whole world in a little black rectangle. I definitely can’t live without it, and that’s why I’m usually carrying around a huge bag everywhere instead of a teeny tiny handbag like normal people.
  7. Browlicious™ Eyebrow Nourishing Serum (The Powder Lounge) – A brow glamourizer; this multi-vitamin, protein serum nourishes my brows to keep them full and with its hair-growth formula it stops them thinning as I get older. It defines and sets unruly brows into a perfect, groomed shape. For striking brows I define them with pencil and seal with Browlicious. It grows out patchy brows within weeks.
  8. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation – Gives skin a flawless, dewy look. No need to thoroughly blend, sets without powder, no need for concealer as it has great yet weightless coverage, no colour change from oxidizing, no breakouts from skin reactions or any patchiness! I use this on its own or before a night out; it contains silicone to smooth skin without oxidizing as the day wears on, even in hot weather. I love the latest in make-up technology, and this is a great way of creating that air-brushed look with minimal fuss.
  9. Long Sexy Lashes™ Eyelash Growth Serum (The Powder Lounge) – My secret for long lashes! Used underneath mascara or on its own, it makes lashes long, thick and glossy. I sometimes use a lash curler and apply this to set the curl and give glossy definition without the worry of smudged mascara. Used as a primer underneath mascara it protects, thickens and grows my lashes within 6 weeks!
  10. Nars Blush Powder – in shade ‘Deep Throat’: Great for giving me a quick glow.
  11. Reusable False Lashes (The Powder Lounge) – Gorgeous hand-crafted lashes, they’re weightless, durable, look fab; I can wear them over and over again without any problems, and they also come with a latex free glue so no allergy issues from these at all!  I mainly wear the ‘Bombshell’ style of false lashes as they’re great for daytime or evening, I don’t bother wearing mascara, just a touch of the lash growth serum as above, and then a pair of these lashes on top!

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